Help Bring Lucy Home!

Lucy is lost - have you seen her? Update: Charlotte area news station does a story! Please watch, share to find her, and keep an eye out. Lucy was wearing this harness but she may have wiggles out of it too. Lucy with her dad. Lucy went missing from NC on vacation but lives… Continue reading Help Bring Lucy Home!

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Driveway Camping

I do miss the great outdoors and camping in the elements but this weekend, its all about camping at home.

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Where is Your Treasure?

My husband and I have had this conversation often, where he says he used to have a t-shirt that said “He who does with the most toys wins” - and how “80’s” that was; how erroneous it was. I have since added to our discussion and revised that quote; “He who dies with the most… Continue reading Where is Your Treasure?


Coffee or Tea?

I love coffee! I mean LOVE coffee y’all! Even though I grew up on tea - hot tea with lemon mostly, coffee is where it's at today for me. I knew about coffee, but for most of my growing up years, hot tea was my "go-to” warm beverage of choice. If we were eating out… Continue reading Coffee or Tea?


KarahVan Chronicles Update – July

My first attempt at brewing coffee in the minivan... =)  If at first you don't succeed...

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KarahVan Chronicles Update

Check out the updated "travel" page:

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Check out the update! KVC Chronicles page

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A Change of Scenery

I know it's an understatement but its been one doosey of a year, am I right? I mean, not just for me, my family, extended family, community, state, and country - but the entire world. It’s not “over” yet, but I do see that we are slowly coming out of their isolation chambers and back… Continue reading A Change of Scenery