For My Fellow “Spoonies”

Newest Page!

A “Spoonie” is a term referring to the story by patient advocate, Christine Miserandino who, when explaining her journey as a person with chronic illness (or disability), used a set of spoons to help her friend understand the struggle. Because her description is an article that is copy-written (©), I’m not going to post it here but want to give her due credit so you can read all about it at her website:

Another patient advocate article that helps to explain the “Spoonie” analogy:

I was looking for a way to provide links & files of various articles (some self-published) and further details, in addition to my YouTube channel, “The Karah Life – Ostomy Plus”, so I’m going to reserve this page for pdf files & links for anyone who needs more info on ostomies and autoimmune diseases 💜.





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