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Where is Your Treasure?

My husband and I have had this conversation often, where he says he used to have a t-shirt that said “He who does with the most toys wins” – and how “80’s” that was; how erroneous it was.

I have since added to our discussion and revised that quote; “He who dies with the most toys – still dies”.

Life is meant to be lived. It’s a gift. What are we doing with it – about it today? The 80’s were a long time ago now…funny how perspectives change for many of us as we become eligible for 10% discount Tuesdays.

Why are we – as a society – so focused on stuff? Does it go back to our early days of American life where everyone had to have the latest washing machine, then car, TV etc…? Things that (as the Bible says) will be “eaten by moths, and destroyed”? It’s all temporal items. It’s all just stuff. Life fluff & filler.

Now, creating memories – that’s a process that requires action. Life, is meant to be lived. For me, if “stuff” is hampering that, then that “stuff” needs to go.

Is any of that stuff attached to our purpose? Or, is it that fluff & filler? Even worse perhaps, is it distraction?

And if it’s a distraction, from what?

I believe we can find purpose in every day, but I don’t want to lose sight of the deeper purpose for my special, unique, and planned reason for existence in this time, space, and place either. I don’t want to miss it. My faith tells me there’s so much more & being less “earthly stuff focused” is a big part of embracing that.

I won’t be taking my final breath this side of Heaven saying “gosh! I wish I had bought more clothes!”. No, it might be more about the places I didn’t get to but also, gratitude for the ones I did. I want to hear my loved ones fondly talk about the places we went, the new lands we explored, and how we did that together; something they can truly have when I’ve left here. Who really needs more shoes, hats, and hoodies over experiences that could only be lived?

I want to live a life of someone who got up, prayed up, suited up, and went & did; not someone who had accumulated so much stuff that I was literally tied to it (or pressed down paying for it). That’s my never ending goal; not to get distracted by the temporary trappings that really aren’t treasures at all.

The longer I live, the stronger that desire becomes.

Where is your treasure?

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