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Driveway Camping

Chillaxin in my minivan “KarahVan” micro-camper (in the driveway).

Yep. Don’t judge me. I’m a driveway camper!

This weekend, we are keeping it local. Hey – even our amazing neighbors are so you know what? It’s LIKE camping (or glamping) without the travel or site fees!

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE ACTUALLY camping and ever since we began this “no-build-build” micro-camper our of our Dodge Grand Caravan, we’ve only taken one trip and if you’ve kept up with my blog, you know how that went, so I am totally missing being able to get away and make some good use out of all this hard work we put into it. Yes – we were able to salvage the trip and spend some time in beautiful East TN, and I’m thankful for that diversion, but, we needed to stay in a hotel; we were not able to utilize the minivan as a camper, or the SUV tent and sleep out in the elements (or at least partially). I do miss that.

I will say, we do currently get to live out in the country and y’all – it’s got all the country sounds (from crazed coyotes to all kinda frog varieties & of course the loudest crickets on the planet as well as the perfect geese formations overhead late afternoon) OH – and that crisp, cool air (once we get done with “Fake Fall” the heat will return for a little while…) so you know what? Why not! Grab a hoodie, a warm beverage & seize the moment!

It’s especially a doable camping location where our dog isn’t keen on travel…so for this “trip”, she stays in the house (or she gets walk-time in the fenced in backyard, cuz bears & coyotes do roam freely here..) where she’s happiest, Jay’s doing his garage-people thing – with a cherry pipe & movie binging and yours truly is minivanning it working on blogs & videos. Ahhhh, this is the blessed life y’all!

And lets be honest; it’s a lot of work to prep for camping with a senior dog of various needs (not to mention our own), and we just don’t have the energy right now. Staying home & hanging outside with all the benefits of our normal “inside”, is our speed this weekend but I’m still looking forward to much cooler days where I’m not gonna break the sweat (that sends me to the ER for IV fluids) just to load in and out for what is meant to be a restful weekend camping trip. That more palatable weather will eventually come but not until after “Fake Fall”, which is our current season, you know, the one that comes after Summer #1 (or “Hell’s Front Porch” some have said…) and before Second Summer. Yep…the South baby.

I’m just thankful for a couple of hoodie weather evenings! WOOOOT!!

Oh – and the neighbors? Many here, even though we are a subdivision & we are propped right smack dab in the middle of rural-ville, are FRONT yard people (YESSSS! Community ❣️) so its kinda feeling like many of the campgrounds we’ve visited, you know? Firepits going, kids playing, adults laughing & quiet by 10:00 p.m., just like how it feels Summer life is supposed to be; to me anyway.

Neighbors with fire going, hanging in my minivan, Jay in garage catching some pipe time & movies. Camping alternative 😎
View looking out my side sliding door (we added a magnetic mesh screen door) and I’m obsessed with Dollar Tree solar sticks & making solar lights out of jars…

Two more nights camping at this location but we might extend it 🤣

So what are y’all doing to celebrate our labor force but not labor this weekend?

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