Help Bring Lucy Home!

Lucy is lost - have you seen her? Update: Charlotte area news station does a story! Please watch, share to find her, and keep an eye out. Lucy was wearing this harness but she may have wiggles out of it too. Lucy with her dad. Lucy went missing from NC on vacation but lives… Continue reading Help Bring Lucy Home!


Have You Seen This Dog?

Lucy is lost - have you seen her? Sharing for the family. I live in North Carolina, about four hours away from where she ran off. I’ve not met the family in person but being someone who absolutely loves this breed and know that I’d be devastated if I was in their shoes, I can’t… Continue reading Have You Seen This Dog?

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Messages From the Bridge 🌈

Ok - I’m not saying it happened, but I’m not saying it didn’t either but… I bought a pair of cute leopardy-themed socks & a night shirt yesterday that I’d been eyeing for a while. Got my 40% off coupon and splurged a bit LOL! It’s cute tho 🙂 . Oh - don’t go to… Continue reading Messages From the Bridge 🌈

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Happy National Dog Day!

Libby is our little miracle that won’t give up! 🥰❣️ Libby getting acquainted with her new pillow bed (as I show her how comfy it is 😎). Libby loves her new soft pillow bed! We soak her feet several times a week for wounds that Cushing’s is not letting us get a complete closure of.… Continue reading Happy National Dog Day!

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My Warrior Jay & His Journal

Life is always presenting new challenges. Our newest journey is with Jay’s newly found blocked arteries.


National Golden Retriever Day!

National and International Golden Retriever Day means I get to brag on my Libby extra today! 🐾🥰

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Betty White (Birthday) Challenge 🐾 💜

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Seizing the Moments 💜 🐾


That Hat Tho! 🐾🎄❤️💚

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Talking ‘Bout My Girl 🐾

I am a proud doggie momma and I don’t care who knows it! Actually, I do care, because I’m sharing our experiences in hopes others will find hope and encouragement from our journey 🙂. That line just sounded like it belonged but I digress… MY GIRL LIBBY!! She is doing SO well in her therapies!… Continue reading Talking ‘Bout My Girl 🐾