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Organization for Smarties & Baseball Bits

Sometimes I’m super organized and then other times…Here’s how I’m tackling a tote full of charts & sheet music that’s long overdue for filing.

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Where is Your Treasure?

My husband and I have had this conversation often, where he says he used to have a t-shirt that said “He who does with the most toys wins” - and how “80’s” that was; how erroneous it was. I have since added to our discussion and revised that quote; “He who dies with the most… Continue reading Where is Your Treasure?


Angels Watching Over Me

One of my favorite men of God ever has got to be the late Rev. Billy Graham. I grew up as a child often hearing his Sunday preaching on the radio. We were never forced to go to church, but my dad's girlfriend had faith and as he slept from working the overnight shifts as… Continue reading Angels Watching Over Me