Coffee or Tea?

I love coffee! I mean LOVE coffee y’all! Even though I grew up on tea – hot tea with lemon mostly, coffee is where it’s at today for me. I knew about coffee, but for most of my growing up years, hot tea was my “go-to” warm beverage of choice. If we were eating out for breakfast – late night or early morning – I almost always ordered hot tea with lemon.

And then it happened; I met someone new. I walked into a church basement one weekday morning and smelled it – quite possibly for the first time I actually smelled it; COFFEE!

Tea who?

Don’t ask me why but it just got me. At the tender age of twenty-five, I swapped my teabag – and vodka & wine bottles, for a stiff, stout, hot beverage of yummyness and a new (but safer) addiction was born.

Now, it’s important for me to tell you that I never gave up on tea, it just took a backseat for a while. Today, thirty years later, I can share that although I may go into serious withdrawals without my cup of Joe, I do have a nice little collection of teas too 🙂

But coffee is almost a right of passage as a recovering person. That’s my observation anyway. The chatter of voices – of stories and laughter echo through small & large halls as you enter via the sound – and aroma of a percolator (and back in the day, the cloud of cigarette smoke as well). If you have been in any (addiction or otherwise) recovery room, you get it. I chuckle when I think about my introduction to a new way of life (and beverage), because my dad, who was also in recovery, HAD to have his coffee daily. I never understood the connection or the seeming obsession – until I also shared that same demon of alcohol addiction. Coffee represented the new beverage of choice that would not continue to lead me down the destructive path I was on.

Fast forward to 2021 and I’m still on the hunt for a great cup of java.

Only now, the connection runs its roots deep. It’s a social staple. I gather with dear friends over the brew – in and out of recovery friends. Was I missing an entire coffee world? Maybe! I mean, I even love me some frozen, iced, and flavored coffee too! It depends on the day which I’ll choose, but now, I start every day with it. It’s the perfect companion to contemplating the mysteries of life with my Bible reading & of course, precious coffee mug collections.

You could say, coffee, for me, symbolizes a coming of age; a new way to see & do life – life on life’s terms.

Yes, I still love tea, but it represents more of my youth – and though quite dysfunctional, it was not all bad – and I definitely still have my tea moments; usually as a hot soothing mug of comfort cold remedy or even as a bath buddy. However, coffee simply has won me over & I’m forever a changed gal; not solely because of coffee itself, but maybe all it represents.

So, it’s no surprise that as I spend a great deal of time either at home or in my minivan, coffee MUST be available. I’m happy to say that I’ve found a mobile, 12 volt, single-serve, coffee-maker in the shape of a travel mug canister, that fits in my cup holder, and percs away while I’m driving. I shared about my journey to eventual success on my YouTube channel as well. Links to both videos about my “making coffee in a minivan” are below. Both are based around Jay having eye surgery (2) this month, being on the road before sunrise, and in need of road coffee…as I chose to not wait in the hospital waiting room and in my minivan (aka KarahVan micro-camper) instead.

Part 1: Part 1 (I’m gonna need a better solution)

Part 2: Part 2 (success!)

Coffee or tea? What’ll it be? ☕️ 🍵 💜

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