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A Change of Scenery

I know it’s an understatement but its been one doosey of a year, am I right? I mean, not just for me, my family, extended family, community, state, and country – but the entire world. It’s not “over” yet, but I do see that we are slowly coming out of their isolation chambers and back into the open. The year of COVID-19’s horrendous grip on mankind seems to finally be lifting – ever so slowly – but in many states, it is lifting.

We grieve the incredible losses. I’m not going to go any deeper into this here than that because any loss of life is horrendous; especially when we are talking about something so out of our control. Such is death anyway but we can fly to the moon and yet we were blindsided by a virus. Crazy stuff.

But this is to be a positive post so switching gears again – we are getting back out into nature. We are doing some day trips locally and it’s been an incredibly welcomed change of scenery. Seeing people, doggos and campers out there have truly inspired us so we are equipping our little mini-van to head out too!

Even a mini-van can be turned into a mini-camper!

As Yoda says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” so here we do.

2020 didn’t help at all, but I’ve lived in the “I can’t do this or that (physically)” due to the various disabling conditions my body deals with on a daily basis, but instead of focusing on the cant’s, we are looking at what we can; we are rolling with the “lets try it anyway” (almost, Yoda 😌) and see where we land – literally. So, this coming weekend, we’ll be giving this little “camper”, a local run. God bless Jay – he’s got his hands full with me, my physical needs, and Libby (who has her own set of medical issues). The majority of physical activity is on him but he’s up for it and I’m truly thankful to get out of the house for a little while.

Not a bad view =)
Get up, Pray up, Suit up; GO!

Stay tuned…I’ll be posting more here as we venture out, how I’m managing camping with RA, AS, IBD, and as an ostomate too (yes, I’m preparing well in advance). Here’s to the adventure!

Follow our journey on YouTube!

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