An Attitude of Gratitude

Hey y’all! No doubt we’ve all had a trying year but with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, no matter what our plans are, whatever restrictions may be in place where you are, may we remember that we still have a control over what we choose to think about; what we choose to meditate on.

Early on in recovery, I was told a few key “suggestions” if I wanted a life of contented sobriety. These, I do believe, can apply to anyone.

  • A grateful heart would never drink (for an alcoholic, to drink is to die; at least for ones like me)
  • When I started getting fearful – about my future or my needs – to remember & be thankful for what God has already provided (and promises me)
  • Keep an “attitude of gratitude”, and
  • Make a gratitude list (on paper) if I ever started slipping into negative, self-defeating thought patterns.

All true. Always worked. Still does, ODAT (29 years and counting).

Wishing you & yours – however you spend turkey day – to be the blessed one yet! I’m thankful for YOU!! 🧡

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