The Purpose…

I created this website because I believe strongly in sharing my experience, strength, and hope so that others might not feel like they are alone in their struggles.

I’ve been on the recovery journey since 1989 (when I began participating in 12 Step groups) and I’ve seen, no matter where we are at in life, that we can always encourage others. Likewise, we can always learn from others.

So, where did the name come from you may be asking?

  • The Journal is really everything I’m documenting here (and most recently, my YouTube channels, Tucka’s Travels & my Ostomy Tips channel), my random thoughts about life and faith (see blog feed posts), the creativity of hobbies, music (see Jay & Karah Music), and the love of road trippin’ (see my new YouTube channel and my page here, “KVC Chronicles“, which is recently retired (working on an updated page). This entire web project is my web journal to those who are looking for encouragement in some tough times and some of the ways I do life ODAT.

  • The Warrior is you and me; we are fighters in the sense that we do not give up – even though we may sometimes want to – we may have even attempted to; directly or indirectly. As previously stated on my welcome page, I believe our battle is multi-faceted, but primarily, it is spiritual. Yes, there are times we need to stand up for what we believe is right (that can mean something different for all of us) but ultimately, the battle belongs to the Lord. As a believer, my job is to BELIEVE; it is to pray, to suit up in Christ daily, and to go where God leads – whether that’s physically with my feet or maybe with my fingers on the keyboard.

  • The Journey is the walk we all take in this life. We all have a journey to take. Sometimes we will cross paths with wolves, lions, and bears. Other times, earthly angels (we may not even know). The important thing for me to remember is that the destination is not the most important goal. Of course we need goals, but if we only concern ourselves with that as our focus, we miss the meat in the middle of the birth to death timeline sandwich called “life”. The joy is in the journey along with the pain. It is all part of the human road us spiritual beings walk. All of it is to be experienced. Often times, its that very pain that pushes us into a renewing of our souls because it pushes us towards a personal relationship with Jesus.

And speaking of Jesus, my deepest hope is that people know how much the God of the universe uniquely, genuinely, radically, and completely loves them. I want people to know that He is with us in our struggles; that He carries us when we can’t walk on our own; that He created you and me for the simple, yet profound reason which is that He wants us to spend life with Him. He actually cares about the details of our lives here & now and He cares about our hopes and dreams. Most importantly, He cares where we spend eternity. After all – He is the one that created us so why wouldn’t He?

But – even if you choose not to accept that free gift of life-changing love, He doesn’t stop loving you. Now that’s truly the greatest love of all.