Prayer Doesn’t Work?

Prayer works – I know this for many reasons but maybe most importantly because it changes things; it changes the person who prays. There is healing to be found when we pray. 

Prayer, to me, is a conversation with the Creator of the universe. The One who knows it all, sees it all and holds it all. That Creator, however, also loves us too much to force us to love Him. This is referred to as “free-will”. 

With the reports of yet another horrific mass casualty event this morning (8/4 outside of a Dayton, OH night club on top of yesterday at an El Paso WalMart), we can not give up on prayer or on God. I see so many posts of people saying it (prayer) “doesn’t work”.

I beg to differ.

Maybe its how we think of prayer. Folks, praying is not about asking for what we want from a genie in a bottle and when we don’t get our wish declaring, “it doesn’t work.”

That’s not the point and that’s not true.

Prayer is not passive either. It is not inaction. Prayer is very much a two way conversation. Praying is asking, and listening. It is seeking the One who created us – it is the ultimate connection and it brings peace, not strife. It is centering our souls in the Author of Love. How can we say prayer doesn’t work? Don’t we all need more of that love in our lives? In our hearts? Can we afford not to pray?

Prayer changes us because time in God’s presence can’t do anything but change us from the inside out.

However, free-will still exists. We get to choose how we behave; how we accept or reject God’s desire for how we live our lives – how we relate to each other. Sadly, some individuals will not choose wisely and I understand that mental health can play a role in how we behave but that’s a subject for another day. Because brokenness exists, innocent lives will suffer. The world is broken. People are so very broken. We need to be healed – our hearts need it more than anything. 

And yes, there are times God does grant our miracles – and even in the ways we ask – things / situations change. But, you may or may not realize that our heavenly Father is more interested in our character – not our comfort (or our wish-list for that matter). He wants us to learn how to love Him and love each other more than anything. 

Bottom line thoughts after the last (not even) two days of horrific violent events in Texas and Ohio…God doesn’t want to see us hurting each other. That is NOT His will for mankind.

Maybe, if more people prayed for what God’s heart and will is, maybe, just maybe, His love would be more prevalent than anything evil in this world. Maybe, hard and evil-seduced hearts would melt at the realization of His love for them. Maybe, the change we all desire to see in our communities would come to fruition. Maybe we could see an end to the hate in human hearts. That would be in line with Jesus’ teaching and His Father’s – our Father’s heart.

If you believe, keep on believing we can change. Keep on praying. If you do not normally pray, you can start today. No fancy words needed – just your heart.

Praying for all of the folks affected by these awful events yesterday and today. Praying for our country. God has a way of breaking through the incredible pain – the loss – the confusion and comforting us in the worst times of our lives. We just need to connect with Him. He’s open. Are we? Healing awaits ❤