Just Keep Moving

Time does it. The rivers and the ocean do it. They keep moving. I could add cars, trains etc…to this list but they’re man-made and so they fail – just today, my car decided to stall at a stop light for no apparent reason – except that it’s man-made and can do that when it “feels” like it.

So what does that have to do with anything?

I get a lot of personal inspiration from God’s creation. Seeing the change in seasons (I LOVE me some Autumn leaves and boots ‘n hoodies weather) reminds me that the world keeps moving forward. In the Fall, leaves on most trees around here will begin to cycle out of their life-span, turn some amazing colors and then fall to the ground, leaving trees ready to prepare themselves for the new and fresh ones that will come in the Springtime. Life keeps moving – and doing so in a forward motion.

Humans are designed to move too (unless we stall like my car…)

For the last year, I have been a music major at Coastal Carolina Community College. I have always (and I do mean always) wanted to be a music major and had tried a couple of times in the past (a short stay at Berklee for performance, a bit longer at Massasoit for liberal arts & Bridgewater for music ed), but life “kept getting in the way”. I rationalized not going back to school and finishing because I felt I was either too old or that time had “moved on” for me or I just wasn’t ready to give up a great paying job to go back to school. This was before the onset of most every college having programs geared towards working adults.

And then the illnesses started. Forget about school. But, last year, I settled into my “new” normal of my newly reconstructed body that saved my life (for another blog to come) and felt like I could take a chance to go back – at least at part-time. Lo and behold, the local community college actually had a music program! I knew that was a sign for me.

I jumped in late but got two 8 week hybrid (mix of seated and online) classes in. I was shocked – I finished with A’s and then got an invite to Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society. That will be another blog too but you can learn more about PTK here at PTK.org.

Now in an effort to not make this blog too long, I will cut to the chase.

I have LOVED every minute at Coastal as a voice music major. I have grown in the music program due to amazing music instructors like Dr. Nakamae, Dr. Schmidt and, Dr. Jacob who have had patience with me through my recovery and truly helped me grow as a musician. I even got to tickle the ivories on a very expensive and glorious instrument; a grand piano. WOW! This year, we nearly DOUBLED the new music student enrollment! That is just amazing! The program is NOT easy – but it more than prepares the student for transfer to four-year colleges.

I am currently working on an Italian piece, have learned a Spanish lullaby, and gained much of my weakened voice back to where I can take gigs and not be unprepared for what might or might not come out of my tired chords. Through this first year I have overcome my fear of auditions, soloist recitals (its NOT like fronting a band y’all), and being able to listen to and process constructive criticism. I have gained a lot of my self-confidence back (some I never had).

All to say, it is time for me to move forward; again. You wouldn’t be reading this if I didn’t have a love for written word communication. So, as of 2020, with a clearer vision, I have decided to move over from the music program to a broader arts degree so I can also focus on literature, writing, and communications. I am adding another two semesters to my plate as a part-timer and I’m not sure where this will bring me, but once again, I am following that still small voice – and following my heart.

I will continue to develop my music skills outside of the curriculum because I will always love creating music, but now, I will have another area to explore – for whatever reason God has placed this writing thing on my heart.

Time waits for no one. We only get the chance to leave our mark here – I believe – on one go-around. Had I, if I, shoulda, woulda, coulda…don’t matter. We matter. What matters is what we do now, in this moment and what kind of mark we want to leave on our world when we leave this place and move on.

Make it count.

We were born for such a time as this, in our lives, in this world, in our families and communities – let’s pursue with passionate forward motion – even if only one small step at a time – that which makes our hearts beat and do so for the good of others. Personally, I will seek to do that and for the glory of the One who sets my heart on fire.

Do what you love – even if it takes longer than you originally planned. If you don’t yet know, keep seeking. You will. Warriors don’t give up. Just keep moving y’all ❤

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