Hit the Road Jack

So my mom turned 80 years young this week. It’s hard because I don’t live near her and hopping on a plane or jumping in my car to see her anytime isn’t practical in my current state of health or finances but Lord willing, I’ll be able to see her again soon 🙏🏻

So I called to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We had a great chat and a few laughs; especially when she told me she told some guy to “hit the road” cuz she thought he might just have been fishing for money (she doesn’t have any). Scary when you think about trolls in a nursing home…but, she saw through him and told me so. I do want more info on this dude though 😡

Then, the cutest thing happened…

Simultaneously we both started singing “Hit the road Jack…” 🤣 I was BLOWN away. I found out my mom could sing! I knew my dad had vocal talent; we sang a lot of patriotic songs around our home and he taught me how to play harmonica, but my mom? I just never knew! I guess I get it from both 😎 My brother and I actually – cuz he got the music genes too!

Well, this impromptu breakout in song was so random & adorable and I wanted MORE!

And yet all at once I felt sad because I missed that for so many years when I didn’t know where she was.

In case you don’t know the story, I didn’t grow up with her (long story, mental illness sucks) so there’s still lots of things we are learning about each other. I’ll share about that in more detail another time.

But right now, my most pressing question is…what are her favorite songs?!?! 🎸 Stay tuned! 😎

Selfie with mom a couple years ago 💜