The Heart of Freedom

Today we celebrate the 243rd anniversary – or birthday – of the signing of America’s Declaration of Independence! Yes, it’s the Fourth of July! On this date, our Congress signed this document confirming we would no longer be under Great Brittain’s rule. We were going solo. What a grand experiment this has been!

Now, I’m no historian, but since I’ve been taking college classes and history is required, I’m diving in for all its worth. I’ve cried over so many injustices; slavery and post civil war mistreatment of African American’s to oppression of women and abuse of children who were made to work in factories (under horrible conditions) not to mention (but I will) the plight of those who were here before us, the American Indians, but I’ve also been warmed by the spirit of entrepreneurship and our early settlers. The true grit (yes, I loved the original movie and had the biggest crush on Glen Campbell as a little girl) of this country is incredible and we have lived through many, many ups and downs – we’re not ever going to be done with roller-coasters I’m quite sure of that – but living in the freedom that we get to live in, is nothing less than a gift. We’ve come a LONG way with necessary legislation to ensure rights for our citizens but we still have more work to do. Lets keep it up!

“My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing…” is an anthem I hope every single American would cherish. This house does – in fact – we even named our Golden Retriever (y’all know her as Libby), Liberty Golden Belle Tucker (“Belle” ‘cuz she’s a southern dog). We’re a Marine Corp home and family (as well as veterans from the other branches) and by golly, our dog is as American as you can get (not counting her ancestry of course but then, we all came from somewhere else, did we not?) 🙂

Today I hope you are celebrating what an INCREDIBLE blessing it is to reside in such a BEAUTIFUL country. We are far from perfect – perfection on this planet does NOT exist but we have an incredible heart and spirit. God HAS truly blessed this nation! There’s nowhere else like it and I would not want to be anywhere else.

Freedom is not free. So many have fought and died for us to pursue the dreams and lives we do so let’s honor them, celebrate this incredible project called the United States of America, and keep fighting for all that is good and right for our families – our neighbors – our country. Let freedom ring! ❤

Liberty “Libby” Golden Belle Tucker 💜🐾

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