This is me…

 2015 was a tough year medically, yet only the beginning of a new and tougher journey.

OK. So maybe you’re thinking, “does the world really need another blogger?” In short, YES! And if you’re so inclined, I hope you’ll get to writing too!


Because we are ALL unique. We ALL have a story to tell that is as unique as our DNA – our fingerprint – our journey.

My “journal of a warrior’s journey” here online is all about my experience, my strength and my hope. My life has been anything but dull and ordinary in every way possible; spiritually, mentally, physically…and I do hope that it resonates with you in a way that shines a light on maybe a dark place you might be in – or provides just enough hope and inspiration that you’ll share your story too – but ultimately I am undertaking this transparent talk over the electronic airways of sharing my life (at the urging of some dear people in my life) for my healing.

I’ve found in my first 50+ years that in order to find healing, I have to be honest, open and willing. These are the keys to invite the healing to begin – and to keep what I’ve found, I must share. I must give it away.

I’m so glad you are joining me on this journey ❤

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