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Messages From the Bridge 🌈

Ok – I’m not saying it happened, but I’m not saying it didn’t either but…

I bought a pair of cute leopardy-themed socks & a night shirt yesterday that I’d been eyeing for a while. Got my 40% off coupon and splurged a bit LOL! It’s cute tho 🙂 .

Oh – don’t go to CVS and buy all my clothes up. J/k – cute stuff at great prices. I hardly ever do Wallyworld for clothes anymore. Besides, the ones at CVS are actually really good quality! If you’ve ever complimented me on my cute yoga pants, yep. CVS 🙂.

Last night, I removed my socks and put them on my side of the bed so I can grab them quick when I get up. These socks are like slippers.

When I got up, one sock, was right where it was laid…where both were laid.

The other, was on the floor, but by Jay’s side of the bed…😳

You know, Libby did that back in the day when she could walk the house and steal socks…leave them wherever 🤣.

Sock tug-o-war
What sock? 🤣

Today mark’s three weeks that Libby shed her non-working furbody for the freedom she so needed and deserved. I’m not saying she was “here”…but I’m not saying she wasn’t either…🤷🏻‍♀️🐾🌈

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!! We are grateful for so many blessings – including YOU!! 💛🧡🤎


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