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Living Blessed: Who Are You (or “Who’s”)?

Thursday thoughts…

The name “Living the Karah Life” came to me as I was asking God what He wanted to do with this desire for writing and sharing my life with others (that He planted in me).

My blog is named “Journal of a Warriors Journey”, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Yes I am a warrior, because I am a fighter – and I know that I am living in a broken world where I fight every day with these unseen spiritual forces that would love nothing more than to shut me up.

But as a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ, I don’t I don’t fight alone.

God is on my side. I don’t fear the outcome because God has already won and with me being in Him – so have I.

I am living the blessed life – even if it looks like the enemy is winning; he isn’t. I can’t lose in Christ.

For those of you that know my story “Karah” is not my given name but it is the name that I picked almost 22 years ago – for stage.

It clicked with me auditory-wise but the meaning of it more so – “friend” and “blessed”.

I kept it.

This title (this page, blog, channel, account) is based on “blessed” mostly but also the word “friend” that he put in my heart when I accepted His free gift of salvation (available to whosoever would come) and (some 35+ years ago), “community”.

So I share with you – all friends old & new, friends who will be, and some of y’all just passing through, because God‘s gift is not just for one. It’s for all who want it. And being blessed isn’t how much money I have in the bank, what my status is at work or at church or anywhere in between. Being blessed is a state of attitude and recognizing (even just a glimpse) how good God is and how good He is to me – and you.

I absolutely recommend this video to men and women alike. Each commentator drops of truth bomb that I needed to be reminded of this morning. Knowing our identity is crucial to living blessed.

Live blessed y’all 💜

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