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Was It Something I Said?

Psalms 34:13 | YouVersion

Yesterday I shared a little about how important our thought-life is and I touched on the power of speaking blessing.

We can’t always insulate ourselves from the presentation of destructive thoughts – not in an imperfect world because evil exists and the devil is constantly prowling around looking for someone to destroy. We are constantly bombarded with impure images, verbal communications, and yes, the whispering of the enemy.

The thing is, we may not have control over the attack, but we do have control over what we choose to meditate on. We are not powerless there.

As a person in recovery, or let me say, before I surrendered (Step 3), I have – far too often – chosen to listen to those lies, during my worst, most vulnerable moments. Those lies led me down a self-destructive, self-loathing, and self-defeating road but you know what? They may have started with the “wrong” thought, the lie (not worthy of love, never going to amount to anything, dreams never come true etc…), but I CHOSE to listen to them.

I know better now. And the devil knows it.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t stop trying. That’s why I need – I NEED to stay in God’s word; I need to speak God’s truth and resist the devil’s schemes. I can’t “think” the enemy away; I have to speak him away and do so with the authority God’s given me IN CHRIST JESUS.

Remember Jesus’ encounter with Satan in the desert? See Matthew 4:1-11.

Matthew 4:10 | YouVersion

That’s why this entire blog is based on being a warrior; an Ephesians chapter 6 warrior. The war on my mind, heart, and soul is real. BUT, my weapons are too.

Ephesians 6 | YouVersion

What are you saying?

Psalms 141:2-3 | YouVersion

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