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If You Want Me To

Being a musician, I relate a lot of life to songs. When I’m going through hard times or when I’m going through great times, there always seems to be a song that comes to mind. 

When my G.I. system started failing me – specifically my colon – and the sickness spread throughout my body (IBD aka Inflammatory Bowel Disease), living was – at times – almost unbearable but this is one of the songs that came to my mind. 

It was indeed a dark time and I was in the thick of it. Singing (or squeaking this song with my energy level as it was) ministered to me in such a powerful way. 

Ginny‘s earlier versions of this song don’t appear to have the last verse that this version does. I’m glad she added it (at least I’m assuming that’s what happened…) Bottom line: I’m glad I heard it when I needed it. I’m singing it today as well.

Thank you Ginny Owens.

Thank You Lord for never leaving me; for your promise of deliverance.


Psalm 34.

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