Devotional Posts

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I’m reserving this area specifically for the development of what I hope to be in the not too distant future, a print devotional. Many of these were posted in my blog but I wanted to have a place dedicated to them so they reside here. To read more about the “why” I started this, go here.

11.17.21: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made; (Psalm 139)

11.18.21: If You Want Me To; (Psalm 34)

11.19.21: Spiritual Freedom; (2 Cor & John)

11.21.21: Weekend review

11.22.21: What Was I Thinking? (Phil 4:8)

11.23.21: Was It Something I Said? (Psalm 34:13)

11.24.21: Now What Do I Do?

12.1 – 12.7.21: IBD Awareness Week (no devotionals this week)

12.24.21: Feelings, Facts & Faith (Christmas in Recovery)

1.12.2022: Organization for Smarties & Baseball Bits (yes, “bits”) =) Step 1

1.27.2022: Living Blessed: Who Are You (or “Who’s”)?

2.6.2022: Restoration; Recovery Step 2 (Psalm 23:1-3, Phil 2:13) Step 2

2.13.2022: Where Does My Help Come From? (Psalm 121:2, Phil 2:13) Step 2

3.1.2022: Step 3: Turn Around & Turn it Over to God