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Run Free Sweet Libby 🌈🐾

*updated with additional photos 11/26/22.

Three days ago (11/3/22), we said our “see you later” to our precious furbaby, Libby. She was 13 years, 2 months, 1 day when she crossed over to her forever Home 🌈.

It has been a very difficult time to say the least. She had been fighting multiple issues over the last couple of years, as I’ve written about here and created videos to share on my “Chronicles” channel, but she went into a quick decline earlier this week. We were able to love on her and see her peacefully into her Creator’s presence.

Nine days before Libby’s passing. She loved to snuggle 🥰.

Libby was an incredibly special girl. She was my recovery buddy. My best furry friend – and often – we spent days on end together because of my Illnesses and Jay’s needing to work.

Libby’s greeting was to jump on my lap – following my total colectomy 🥰.

The miracle is (one of so many) she did so very well while Jay was recovering from open heart surgery AND then our both having covid in Sept/Oct. I’m simply blown away at all of the timing 🙌🏻.

Whenever I’ve been in the hospital, Jay knew that FaceTime was required – with her (as well as him 🥰🐾). I couldn’t wait to get back home and snuggle with her.

I loved being able to FaceTime with my furrygirl when I was hospitalized.

There wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do to help her find healing and in the end, ease her pain and not allow her to suffer. She knew all of that. Her final moments and her wonderful team of veterinary professionals granted us that peace too.

Dr. Theisen loved Libby & loved treating her holistically. She’s been an amazing caregiver and comfort to all of us 💜. I highly recommend her and integrative veterinary care.

God answered our prayers with more than what we requested for her passing. I desperately wanted to hold onto her here but knew that was not for her best.

Spending every last moment possible loving on Libby.

I’m still ugly crying, but I know that will not be forever. So for now, it’s all about honoring her for the almost 13 years with us (we rescued her at 16 weeks old).

Memorial table for Libby.
Memorial wall for Libby. Almost thirteen years of memories digitized.

I appreciate y’all being on this journey with us and I humbly ask when you consider a new furry friend, I hope and pray you’ll consider rescue 🐾 🥰.



Always happy to see me after another hospitalization took me away from her – sometimes for weeks.
Libby – like her momma – LOVED the snow! It was a rare event in Nashville!
The prettiest and goodest girl! 💕
Silly girl 🤪🥰

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