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But What Does God Say?

With so many competing voices all around us – and even inside of us – it’s easy to fall victim to thoughts that are just not true. The thoughts may be preceded by feelings that may be strong, but do they line up as facts?

For the Christian, the Bible is truth; the Bible being the word of God, is never-changing, timeless truth. So, what does it say about me when I have some “erroneous” thinking after strong feelings come up? I’m sharing this because I’m no stranger to the downhill spiral that can happen when I don’t practice taking the thoughts captive and processing them in the light of God’s truth.

For example:

I may feel:The truth is:See (click link):
I’m hopelessI have everlasting hope in Christ!1 Peter 1:3-9
Things will never get betterGod works all things together for good!Romans 8:28
I’m unlovableGod loves me and loved me before I knew Him!1 John 4:19
I have no purposeI was formed in my mother’s womb; God has great plans for me!Psalm 139:13-16
Jeremiah 29:11

I really could go on for many, many more examples but I simply wanted to give you a small sampling of truth when doubts, fears and insecurities show up. Cling to what God says. Cling to who He says you are. Let’s go one step further & declare it with our voices!

Pray: Lord I thank You for the truth of Your precious word. I thank You for reminding me that no matter what the enemy throws my way, it does not change who You are and who I am in You; eternally & securely loved cared for with a purpose no scheme of the enemy can stop.

Declare today: I am the righteous of God in Christ Jesus and nothing the devil can try to do will ever change God’s love and purposes for me!

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