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Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings to you and yours on this Thanksgiving Day!

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National Recovery Month

On the (Autumn) road to recovery. September has less than a week left but I can’t let it go by without sharing something recovery related because after all, September is National Recovery Month in the U.S. For this year’s recognition, I thought I’d share one of my favorite, “git right down to the nuts &… Continue reading National Recovery Month

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Where Were You?

8:46 a.m. September 11, 2001. Twenty years ago. I remember like it was yesterday. Where were you when airplanes were turned into flying bombs over the United States? I have a friend that was in New York City. I didn't lose anyone close to me, but proximity (geographically) wise, I wasn't that far away. I… Continue reading Where Were You?

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National Dog Day 2021

Seizing the moments with our furry-girl, Libby 🐾💜 Our old dog takes a walk on National Dog Day 2021

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Heaven’s Birthdays

In the year, 2020-2021, our family and extended members certainly saw our share of losses. Yes, COVID-19 was responsible for many of them in our world, but we still had others, unrelated to the worst virus outbreak of my lifetime. We lost parents. We lost cousins. We lost friends. The reasons? Everything from suicide to… Continue reading Heaven’s Birthdays


A House Divided…

President Lincoln For someone who always feels compelled to write, I've been a bit silent lately - well, here anyway. These last several months of a heated and contested U.S. election, polarization of ideals and the candidates to match, have left me feeling a little uneasy for our country's future. I'm going to share where… Continue reading A House Divided…

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We are designed for community.

Random thoughts that just flowed this morning. Blue and pink make purple. Yellow and blue make green. All beautiful. Individuals are important but together we become something we couldn’t alone. Value all. Can our society please get back to respectful disagreement and valuing each other no matter what we believe? Community is not about living… Continue reading We are designed for community.

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Live and Let Live

What a wonderful world it would be. More thoughts at a later date. 💜

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But What Does God Say?

With so many competing voices all around us - and even inside of us - it’s easy to fall victim to thoughts that are just not true. The thoughts may be preceded by feelings that may be strong, but do they line up as facts?For the Christian, the Bible is truth; the Bible being the… Continue reading But What Does God Say?


Prayer Doesn’t Work?

Prayer works - I know this for many reasons but maybe most importantly because it changes things; it changes the person who prays. There is healing to be found when we pray.  Prayer, to me, is a conversation with the Creator of the universe. The One who knows it all, sees it all and holds… Continue reading Prayer Doesn’t Work?