Have You Seen This Dog?

Lucy is lost – have you seen her?

Sharing for the family.

I live in North Carolina, about four hours away from where she ran off. I’ve not met the family in person but being someone who absolutely loves this breed and know that I’d be devastated if I was in their shoes, I can’t help but try to use my platforms to help find their pupper.

Please contact Tucker K-9 Search & Rescue with ANY info. (no relation or affiliation).

If you’re on Facebook, you can get updates here (click FB icon). Post below copied with permission to share.

LUCY WAS LOST on April 2nd 2023 while vacationing with her family at Carowinds Camp Wilderness Resort which is a campground affiliated with Carowinds
Fireworks were set off unexpectedly and Lucy and her fur sibling Lilly (also a Golden Retriever) both panicked and broke free. Lilly, thankfully was caught during this traumatic event but Lucy has not been found.

We’re creating this group in efforts to expand this search NATIONWIDE! Carowinds is located on the North & South Carolina border, part of the amusement park is in Charlotte NC and part is in Fort Mill SC.

The Carowinds amusement park attracts visitors from EVERYWHERE as well as the guests visiting Camp Wilderness. We believe there is a strong possibility that Lucy was picked up by someone who was trying to help her but didn’t know how to find her owners. So Lucy could be anywhere and we need YOUR help to share this group page so we can get the word out and hopefully bring this girl home.

Lucy’s family is absolutely distraught and they have done everything possible to try and find Lucy. We are hoping & praying for a sighting, information that will help us find Lucy, or perhaps she is safe with someone who just has not been able to make the connection to finding her rightful owners. No questions asked we all just want Lucy back home with her family.

Thank you from Tucker K-9 Search & Rescue & from Lucy’s family.

PLEASE share far and wide!


Thanks y’all 💜🙏🏻

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