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Just Chillin’ (Happy 1st Day of the BEST Season) ❄️

Heaven has got to have an area like this!

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of the hot weather. Oh sure I LOVE the beach (and I loved baking in the sun when I was younger too) but when my G.I. system started giving me trouble, and I started dealing with dehydration (that only got worse after I lost my colon), I just can’t hydrate like I used to.

Not being able to always replace fluids I lose naturally, means some human luxuries like working out for a good sweat, sweating on the beach, hot yoga etc. just are not in my best interest.

I do love the smell and sights of a good wood burning fire though, but hey – that’s something I can actually have some “control” over 😊.

Time with Libby by the fire.

I mean, we can always put on another layer when we are cool, but I can’t always cool my body down without a trip to the ER for IV fluids. I do my best to avoid those trips but sometimes they’re inevitable.

So, I love the cooler weather. And that means shorter days longer nights and for someone who also deals with mental health issues, that’s not great for natural stimulation of the senses – with the lack of brightness – or daily length of it.

A far cry from my youth growing up near the beach and “working on my tan”!

All to say, this winter season stuff has become my second favorite (autumn is number one baby 🍁!) . Not just because I love the freshly fallen snow & I miss skiing (I am from New England after all), but it’s cold and bright! Wooot!! Winter for me is a blessing 🥰. Actually, I’m a firm believer in the traditional four seasons because it seems to be, that each one is designed to prepare for the next.

I’m glad the cooler weather is FINALLY here because in a couple of short months (traditionally around my birthday in February) we get those hotspots & spikes and then it is off and running by March 🌞 That’s just life in the Southeastern U.S. Meh. It has its perks and we are blessed but it’s just a little too warm here for me now…

On that note, I’m celebrating! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF WINTER!!! ❄️🎁🎄

Time for favorites! Hats, scarves, winter jacket, hoodies, mittens, and boots!

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