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IBD Diagnosis Requires Supportive Loved Ones

Today, on Day 5 of our dive into IBD Awareness Week, CCFA highlights another courageous story; Jake & Amanda Diekman. Jake is a professional baseball player who shares his very private journey as public, so that others may know they’re not alone.

Jake & Amanda (courtesy of CCFA’s Facebook page).

How I can relate (not the baseball part…) 🙂

I started following Jake & Amanda’s story the year of my colectomy (2017). He was preparing for his J-pouch. They weren’t yet married but she was right there with him the whole way.

I bought one of their limited edition shirts, a red “Gut it Out” tee & even wore it the day before my surgery. I’ve got a video somewhere…but I still have the shirt!

Still have my shirt! (Pic from 2020)

I know I would be lost without my husband. Even before we said “I do, I will”, Jay was there through my health journey. Sleeping in hospital chairs, tracking down medical staff, endless driving to & from countless hospitals, taking care of our pupper Libby, understanding when our plans have to change in an instant, emptying surgical drains, lifting me off toilets – and off the floor after passing out, cooking IBD friendly food & not getting upset when I couldn’t even eat that, and just always being available…while being the sole breadwinner in our family. This small list is only a glimpse of what he’s been there for.

Support is crucial. THANKS to ALL who support a loved one in the many ways it counts!! We do appreciate you!!

To my hubs, I love you babe 💜 I thank God for, and I thank you!


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