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IBD Aware Wk – Day 2 (Misconceptions)


Day 2 of IBD Awareness Week!

Here’s a good one…How about that “you’re cured because you have your colon removed”? Really.

Cured? No. Remission? Possibly!

I happen to be someone that has co-autoimmunes (like many, with one, other AI’s may follow) and having my bodily waste exit a manufactured door isn’t a cake walk. Life-saving, yes! But it comes with its own set of issues. Not to mention Crohn’s affects anywhere in the GI tract at anytime for anyone who has it. If you’re blessed to be in remission – with or without medications – that’s wonderful & I pray it continues but we haven’t figured out yet how to cure any autoimmune diseases. Remission happens – even management, but a cure? Nope; not yet.

And when it comes to diet, I have heard it and tried it all. I was the healthiest I’d ever been the three years leading up to my first horrible flare. Suffice to say, it didn’t matter.

Crohn’s, like ulcerative colitis, can have EIM’s extra intestinal manifestations; rashes, eye trouble, and more (so a stoma doesn’t miraculously stop the autoimmune disease; just the attack by removing the victim of it – the colon.)

What questions, rumors, misconceptions can I help you with about IBD today? Do you have IBD? What has your experience been like?


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