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Living the Karah Life – About the New Devo

I started Journal of a Warrior’s Journey in hopes that others might relate to my experiences. I wanted people to know that they weren’t alone and that there is hope – even in the darkest of moments.

My writing actually started several years ago with a simple email devotional I began, as a way for me to give back (or forward?) in the midst of my darkness. I was in “fake it ’till you make it” mode. I was significantly struggling with depression and grief at the time and began reading positive affirmations – based on scripture. When I began speaking them out loud, it began to pull me out of that darkness. So, I decided to share that with 100 of my closest friends.

Let me first say that I’ve been in and out of therapy, and in recovery for many years. I know that grief is necessary. It is necessary because we have to go through grieving to get to the other side. But I was stuck. I needed to move forward and I was struggling to do that. Little did I know that more grief was to come, but because I began this journey, I had the tools I needed to move forward. I got many of these tools, by creating that devotional.

My sweet friend who has always encouraged me to continue following God’s lead for me to write has never stopped encouraging and inspiring me to pick up the “pen” again; to continue that devo. It’s been several years and plenty of situations to write about, but I’ve been waiting for the “right” time; the “right” environment: the “right” title.

Then it hit me a few weeks ago…

I’m living the Karah life.

“Karah” is actually a nickname I chose when I was asked to take on a stage name while performing with my band. My manager at the time felt it would be a safe way to share my “name” during performances. Since I traveled throughout the region and we were a very people-friendly band, it made sense.

I picked “Karah” because of one of it’s meanings; “friend”. Another is “blessed”. Done.

Call it living through a pandemic. Call it losing so many loved ones all too quickly. Call it the negative effects of a person in recovery having to isolate. Call it coming of middle age. Call it multiple medical issues or all of the above but I’ve slipped again into a dark place. Yes, I know I’m blessed, and every day I choose to see God’s goodness and how it is manifested in my life. But, yes, there’s a “but” here, life just is not that easy. Faith gives me the map – the Bible and my conversations with God – but it doesn’t always mean I can shake the sadness or fear. I’m not surprised though, with everything going on (as I write this in late 2021). But the last time I experienced this level of grief and sadness, I began a devotional that helped lift me out, as I shared it with others.

I’m praying it will again so here we go – again. Updated version 🙂.

My hope is that with me sharing my experiences, strength, and hope, with you, we can all declare that we are living the blessed life. That doesn’t negate the pain, struggle, and grief we all face – we will talk about it honestly, but I will also, by God’s grace, share the hope He has given me; the hope that is available to all.

It’s my hope too that this devotional will be stepping stones to the print version I’ve wanted to pen, so that one day, it’ll be available offline as well, thus available to folks not online. I’ll keep you posted on the progress with that too. I plan to let God lead, as He does so incredibly well, and I dedicate my efforts to Him, for His glory. is now live – here at JWJ and on social media.

Thanks for joining me on the journey 💜.

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