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Talking ‘Bout My Girl 🐾

I am a proud doggie momma and I don’t care who knows it! Actually, I do care, because I’m sharing our experiences in hopes others will find hope and encouragement from our journey 🙂. That line just sounded like it belonged but I digress…

MY GIRL LIBBY!! She is doing SO well in her therapies! Yesterday was water therapy day and Dr. V. gave her some laser treatment too. Libby just soaks it all up & at her tender age of 12, we couldn’t be more grateful we have these amazing veterinarians close by! Well, about an hours drive but that’s not too far for quality services by trained homeopathic integrated vets.

Libby soaks in some warm water after her laser treatment as she gets ready to do some water walking.

In an attempt to improperly stand, Libby has worn off the fur on her left heel so now we know where she has been favoring. After cleaning, treating with MicrosynAH wound spray, applying a non-stick pad with cloth tape, I re-designed a doggie sock to fit her long legs but felt she needed a stronger covering over her heel so I made a temporary boot for her out of a Dollar Tree make-up pouch and I am thrilled that her body is healing that spot. Maybe we will even get that hair back! Even with Cushing’s, her fur has grown back from the place they shaved on her belly fairly quickly so I’m believing for it!

Added some length to a “too short” doggie sock with some scissors & fabric glue 🙂
I made Libby a (semi-stiff) fabric boot for her left heel to protect it while healing. It’s a prototype LOL! I’m sure we’ll come up with something better – maybe with leather, but I wanted to leave her paws exposed so she gets plenty of air flow / sweating ability. The bottom is paper-taped and the top is open for air flow too.

Next up? Acupuncture this weekend & another attempt at camping the week after! Spoiled ain’t the half of it and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Libby, you are a true furry warrior!! 💜

Rare moments happening more and more – Libby sitting up in her chariot (the KarahVan Camper) 😎 Look at that smile! 💜 Let’s go camping momma!!

See full YouTube video on our channel here.

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